Wuxi Shenda Nail Machinery Factory is a Chinese nail making machine, wire drawing machine manufacturer established in 1995。 We offer an extensive line of ShenYida brand qualified machines including wire drawing machine, nail making machines for steel nails, U-shaped nails, roofing nails, double cap nails, and super nails, as well as related equipment such as the rivet making machine, high speed thread rolling machine, and coil nail collator。

The products crafted by our equipment can be extensively applied in various sectors, such as the construction industry, decoration industry and other related fields。 For instance, the automatic nail making machine can be used to create numerous kinds of common nails, rivets, roofing nails, double cap nails, and coil nails, among many others, and our wire drawing machine is capable of drawing low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, copper, aluminum, or other alloy wires。

Wuxi Shenda is well known for its excellent product quality, competitive product price, complete article range, and first class service. In the past decade our company has grown rapidly due to several different factors. The dedication of our research and design department, our factory's devotion to enhancing the technology of our mechanical equipment, absorbing new ideas from other manufacturers of the same field, and developing new products have all been instrumental in our growth as a company. Wuxi Shenda is also supplied with raw materials from our local supporting factory, this cuts transportation costs and make business much more convenient. Our location in Dongting town also provides us with an excellent route to Shanghai, only two hours away. We employ 15 professional management personnel and 50 technical personnel who all receive technical training regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our nail maker, rivet making machine, thread rolling machine, and other related equipment serves the Chinese market, but also is popular in Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, to name a few。

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